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Photo by Oleg Startsev

Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Konstantin Lebedinsky, I was born in Leningrad (URSS) in 1967. On graduating from the Medical Academy of Pediatrics (1992), I got clinical residency on Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (or Reanimation, as we call it in our country), then worked as Assisstant Professor and Senior Lecturer at my native Academy (Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation). In 2002, on having defended my Doctors's thesis (2000), I became Professor and Chairman of the same Department at St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies — the very first special institution for postgraduate medical education all over the World (since 1885).

My another professional tasks are:

— Vice-president, Association of Anaesthesiologists and Reanimatologists of St. Petersburg (since1999),

— active member, Scientific Committee on Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology at Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (since 2002),

— director, St. Petersburg Center of Foundation for European Education in Anaesthesiology (the first working in Russia FEEA center 1.26.1, since 2006 on behalf of our professional Association and Society of St. Petersburg), and...

— consulting Professor, St. Petersburg and Leningrad regional Central Police Department.

My special fields of interest in Medicine are clinical physiology of respiration and blood circulation (the latter, applied to anaesthesia, was the core topic of my Doctor's thesis!), high-risk anaesthesia (e.g. anaesthesia for high-risk surgical patients), the problem of the so called "difficult diagnosis".

Michael Gorbachev Besides this main professional field, there were a lot of reasons in my life to take interest in politics, history, language, technics (esp. aviation), etc. For example, during my students' years I was included into the organizing team, and then became a co-chairman of the All-Union (URSS) Students Forum (Moscow, November 1989). Due to this sudden circumstance I've got a unique possibility to learn more about the state machine of the former Soviet Union and to contact the main figures of the epoch — Gorbachev, Ryzhkov, Yakovlev, etc.

May be, his true face? It was even more interesting because a few years earlier I began some adventurous project — I created a virtual person, Dmitry Artamonov (1985-1989), who wrote illegal pamphlets against Gorbachev's policy to destroy my Motherland... It was something like "Epistolae obscurorum virorum" (1514—1517) written by Ulrich von Hutten, Crotus Rubeanus and Hermann von dem Busch. Some agitated responses in the Soviet mass-media were the only result of my activities, but it is really very interesting to compare Artamonov's prognosis with our life in 1990-2000!

Some time ago I began to collect specific Soviet words. Today I could present in this website the first preliminary version of The Dictionary of the Soviet Language.

Professor Vladimir Lebedinsky, 1901 Several pages of this website are devoted to the history of my family. My grand-grandfather, professor Vladimir K. Lebedinsky (1868—1938, right), was one of the first radio-engineers in Russia, and one of the prominent organizers of radio industry of the Soviet Union, co-editor of the first Soviet Encyclopaedia (since 1926). It was the time of first powerfull transmitters, like this Komintern broadcasting station in Moscow (1922, left). To say more exactly, it's not just a family history, but the history of Physics and wireless communications in our country... My great uncle — academician Andrey V. Lebedinsky (1902—1965), a disciple of Nobel prize winner Ivan P. Pavlov and academician Leon A. Orbeli, was a well-known Soviet physiologist. He worked in the fields of physiological optics, neurobiology, radiobiology, aviation and space medicine. He was the first Director of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of USSR Public Health Ministry. His son, academician Vladimir A. Lebedinsky, was an epidemiologist and microbiologist. My maternal grandfather Grigory A. Vlasenko (1900—1979) was an internist and epidemiologist, one of the doctors, who organized tropical medicine service in Tadjikistan (1935—1941), then took part in the Great Patriotic war in 1941—1945.

It is really very sad, but I've never had enough time to translate at least part of this "content" into English. But if some of above mentioned topics are interesting for you, we may contact by E-mail: for me it may be the additional incentive for the translation...



© K. Lebedinskiy, 2006


True Oxford McIntosh — the first laryngoscope in my professional life — was the gift to my teacher, Michael G. Kouzupeyev, M.D., from anaesthetist of Indian Antarctic expedition in 1985. In 1995 Dr. Kouzupeyev presented it to me.

"Anaesthesia and Systemic Circulation" (2000) was the direct result of the Doctors' thesis...

Monograph "The Surgery for the Esophagus Cancer" (2002) — a result of unforgettable years at the Clinic of Professor Boris I. Miroshnikov.

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